Young Biggie


as a fool he knows when the time comes will be never so sit back relax sounds relieving and clever but the one two punch wasn’t enough tho it was clever thought damaged inside and baffled as ever realizing this could last forever try illuminating thoughts but still a smile half way through a shredder couldn’t think of nothing better correct grammar falling and balling into tears raindrops swish never shall I forget her lips rain rain you can stay the fool at a park in a pool dribbling in puddles everyone ran as soon as they see puddles leaving the cool to escape trouble he stayed and played like he was in his own bubble even ripped his kicks this fools ridiculous although he felt conspicuous later left it with a right hand layup to breakup having fun in the sun but “the cops shot the kid you still hear him scream” Slick rick once had a dream a children’s story you can try to recollect or even ignore thee prince king whomever they may be to his family bring thee come together and sing believe and say it proud James Brown made a song “I’m black and I’m proud” say it loud still but no justice being found as each drop hits the ground blood for the body count change your mind a couple times just to make a rhyme and back to the fool that was bound to stay upside down.


On this day in 2003, Juelz Santana released his debut album, From Me To U.

Estilo callejero japonés
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Japanese Street style
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